Tourism in Belarus: a trip to the Soviet Era

vista de Minsk

You seem to have stopped the clock, or rather, it has a few decades late. You stand in the 60's and you are surrounded by sculptures and Stalinist buildings, typical of the communist era.
You are in Minsk, capital of Belarus, you get scared, you are surprised, but do not worry, there is much more to do. You can not stay with the first impression. Feel like traveling with eDreams Travel Blog ? We give all the keys for you to enjoy on your next trip to this unknown country.
To begin we must say that the main attraction is its architecture Belarus style "Stalinist". Minsk is like a showcase of the former Soviet Union. Its wide avenues are lined with giant buildings, war memorials and Soviet symbols.
But across the river, the Belarusian capital is a lively, bustling, Baroque and with lots of options for you to enjoy. If you have the opportunity to buy cheap , you'll spend the rest of your travel budget to discover the city and country in detail.
You can make the first stop in the capital, where the main attractions are the central avenue, Skakiny Prospect, St. Simon's Church, the Cathedral of Saint-Dukhavki, the Independence Square and of course, the old town, while walk in the neighborhood east of the river Svislach.
But if you want more ... we offer a cultural route: Head over to the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, but a church that serves as an art gallery, with a large collection of iconography, such as the Mother of God, which is said to could be made by St. Luke. Do not miss it!
If you want to know what happened to Minsk during World War II, come to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. You can even see a model of the Nazi concentration camp or a section devoted to Belarusian resistance movement.
Sant Simon, Minsk
The National Library has to be one of the stops that you can not skip on your journey, at least for the night. And it is a modern and futuristic building 72 meters high and 22 floors worth photographing. As the sun sets and structure changes color seems Evoking elsewhere ...

If you still want more, Belarus is a perfect destination for fishing enthusiasts, as the country has thousands of lakes and rivers ideal to enjoy this hobby.
Also, if you like nature you can not miss the primeval forest of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, something like a fossil of what was Europe someday. I conquer ...
And if you can spare the money days and you have not yet finished, another of the most interesting cities Grodno, where Farny Cathedral and other religious buildings give a different touch. And here is the Museum of the History of Religions.
Talk to your friends, your partner or your family and do not waste time looking for low cost flights and visit a country that has its hidden charms but it is worth discovering ...