Cycling for beginners

The cycling is becoming in many parts of Europe in an increasingly popular form of tourism. Cycling is defined as a recreational, sports and non-competitive activity that combines tourism with physical activity.

When trips of several days, this peculiar form of travel has two modes: take a support car or self-sufficient. In case of not having a support car can carry all the supplies needed for camping or if you prefer, choose the accommodation in hotels or hostels.  Bike and train combination is something increasingly common in many countries in Europe, so much so that many of the railway companies focus their campaigns on this type of tourism although it is always advisable to review the rules of each railway company, since each has different rules and permissions in this regard.

For all those who want to learn in cycling, it is important to take into account several elements that will largely determine the quality, comfort and enjoyment of our trip. The first point that we must bear in mind, of course, is the choice of the most suitable for this practice bike. There are many forms and types of routes in the practice of cycling and therefore it is difficult to recommend a bike that is appropriate for all of them. Therefore, the first recommendation is that if you have a bike that comfortable you you can use it to travel. If you prefer to make us with a new bike we must take into account what use are going to do, it is not the same used a bicycle as urban transport that only to go to the mountain, but if we opt for a hybrid bicycle we use in both activities. This would be the best choice when choosing a particular type of bicycle.

In addition to the more technical part cycling requires certain notions related to physical activity that will prevent punish our body more than it should. In addition to performing a proper warm-up and having some physical form, the position is essential. Take a proper posture on the bike requires adjusting the saddle at the proper height. The seatpost , will allow us to raise or lower the seat according to our height but How do we know what is the proper position?Sitting on the bike and with the leg in extension maximum we need to be able to support the heel on the pedal, is will be the most suitable position to avoid injury.

Once known these tips only we will be deciding the route, whether we want to or not carry passenger and the duration of the trip depending on the physical capacity. It is very important that we do not forcemos our body to avoid injury and ailments. Good luck!