Petra, The Stone City

Petra is located in present-day Jordan and its origins date back to the end of s. VII B.C. Founded by the Edomites, was the capital of ancient Nabataean kingdom. Currently, it is one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Your name, Petra, means stone. And really, Petra is a city of stone, or rather, a city carved in stone. Truly, this spectacle is impressive found in the desert in Jordan. A place that year after year, continues to provide a wonderful experience for those traveling to the city to behold in person.

Of course, given the current climate, it is best to visit with sportswear and light. It is certainly necessary to protect the skin from possible sunburn.

The first of the huge construccines you will find the Tomb of the Obelisks, in the lower part there are three rooms that seems were used in ancient times for funeral banquets in honor of the dead.

The area called The Treasury of Pharaoh, probably owes its name to the belief of the existence of some treasure from a king or pharaoh and supposedly would be in the urn which is on the top floor, marked by countless shots that once , greedy people made ​​in order to access this course treasure and got only deteriorate the massive stone.

The Street of Facades, is a dense set of about 40 graves that the Nabateans built in the rocks.

Behind them, find the theater, with a capacity of 4,000 people and that the Romans, after conquering Petra, it expanded to accommodate another 3,000 people.

Farther on, we find the Royal Tombs, which are huge collective burials, among which are the remains of King Maluchos II.

No doubt, these are some of the things that any traveler can enjoy and observe in the amazing city of Petra in Jordan.

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