Santorini (Greece), the most beautiful sunset in Europe

There are many lists of the best places on earth to see the sunset circulating on the Internet. Virtually all have something in common, including the Greek island of Santorini in the top of the list.

And certainly, the image of the village of Ia (Οία) is impressive, with its white houses and blue roofs of the ancient caldera of Thera. In fact, the Greek landscape is perhaps most reproduced on postcards and pictures, even more than the very Acropolis.

The daughters of the volcano

Actually, the name does not refer to Santorini island, but an archipelago. This group of islands born of an enormous volcanic explosion, which literally destroyed the ancient island of Thera. In an aerial photo, you can see how the islands form a circle around what was the boiler.

The main island is still called Thira (Θήρα) but always Santorini is often called simply. The small island of Thirasia faces the village of Ia and is the only inhabited apart from Thira. There are four uninhabited islands.

The Thera volcano disaster is often associated with the legend of Atlantis, and it is believed that the tsunami caused by the explosion was directly related to the decline of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete (located about 100 miles south).

The image Ia, as mentioned, is the most reproduced of Greece. Its unique architecture blends the kapetanea (houses of the captains of the Venetian period) with yposkafa, small houses carved into the hillside, where he lived the rest of the population.

Ia, Santorini

Rounding out the small and typical postcard white blue domed churches. Interestingly, one of the consequences of Venetian rule is the existence of a large Catholic minority in a country where the Orthodox religion is part of everyday life.

Fira and Imerovigli

The town of Fira (Φηρά) is the capital of the island. It shares the same architectural style as AI, but not built along the slope but on it, at a height of 400 meters.

The only road that connects Fira with its harbor is a picturesque road that winds the boiler and is practicable only on foot ... or donkey. At present there is also a funicular ride covering. Alongside Fira is the town of Imerovigli, very similar but smaller.


We continue talking about the beautiful island of Santorini . So far we have made mention of the most typical of it: the villages of white houses, forming a magical landscape with the sea, especially during the sunsets.

But for lovers of culture, history and archeology, Santorini also has a great interest. Therefore, we are not just talking about sea and picturesque villages.


The remains of Akrotiri are one of many Greek archaeological ruins. Firstly because of its age, as they are the second millennium BC (mostly Greek ruins are rather late, in classical times). This site is associated with the Minoan civilization of Crete.

Secondly by the well-preserved, as the settlement was flooded by the volcanic eruption of Thera (the same case as with Pompeii). Fresh (such as blue monkeys who heads the entry), ceramics, furniture, buildings virtually intact ... remains have been found of great value after the initial discovery in 1967.

Akrotiri, Santorini

Have been very few human remains or objects of value (such as gold) suggesting that the city was evacuated before the disaster. Currently, the site is closed for renovation but is expected to reopen next year (many of the remains are on display in a museum itself is open).
Ancient Thera

Remains of Ancient Thera do belong to the classical period (believed to have been founded in the ninth century BC by settlers from Sparta). The remains include the Agora and several temples and shrines. The objects taken from the excavations are exhibited in a museum in Fira.

The site of Ancient Thera is absolutely privileged. It is located on a hill, which overlooks the Aegean Sea in virtually all directions.

Ancient Thera, Santorini

There is a road leading to the site and has a curious history. It was put up in 1954 to Konrad Adenauer (chancellor of West Germany) could visit. And why Adenauer wanted to visit? excavations is that Thera had been started by his grandfather, Friedrich Hiller in 1895.

Getting to Santorini

The three Greek airlines (Olympic, Aegean and Athens Airways) connect the Athens airport to Santorini, in a flight of just over half an hour. There are also seasonal flights from Thessaloniki, Crete and charters from several European countries.

The ship is still the preferred choice of many Greeks. The ferry trip takes normal in about nine hours, although the tourist season fast boats reduce a six-hour journey. There are also boat services to many other Cyclades Islands.

Once on the island, we must remember that public transport is not very reliable. To be flexible, it is best to hire a car, is also very popular rental quads and mopeds. As in all the Greek islands, the hitchhiking is widespread and is generally safe.