Visiting Las Vegas, The Sin City.

The city of Las Vegas, or also known as Sin City, is popularly known worldwide for its large casinos, among other things.

Certainly, Las Vegas is the largest city in the entire state of Nevada in the United States. It attracts millions of people worldwide each year, becoming "The Entertainment Capital of the World." It is certainly one of the main tourist areas of the United States.

Las Vegas is a true giant amusement park for adults. Gambling, money, fun, carnal pleasures and passions of all kinds can be met in this city. A spectacle of lights, sound and an environment that attracts and traps everyone who travels there.

What to do and see on our trip to Las Vegas

Among the highlights in the great city of Las Vegas, are of course the big and luxurious hotels and casinos.

The city is basically defined by two clearly identifiable areas:

The Strip: The Strip is the most important street of this city. It's activity throughout the day and night. Here we find the major casinos and hotels in Las Vegas.

Fremont Street: Currently the second most important street in the city of sin.

If you travel to Las Vegas, there are places outside the crowded casinos you could visit and enjoy. Among them, the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon and of course, the Grand Canyon.

If you travel to Las Vegas, consider having a desert climate with very little rain and very warm in the summer season, reaching easily exceed 40 ° in these times. We do not need shelter.