Eat and enjoy: restaurants in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona, also known as the Ciudad Condal, is one of the urban tourist destinations of greatest relevance today. Only necessary to see the amount of tourist apartments and hotel rooms that have the city.

Before the great tourist demand we can find us a great gastronomic offer which highlight the best restaurants in Barcelona such as for example "Els 3 porquets", a typical restaurant tapas where you eat very well, even though prices are not as popular as in other. This restaurant is decorated in the purest style of Tavern.

There are also other types of restaurants as the theme, whether restaurants Japanese or Mexican restaurants, which undoubtedly can provide you a special exotic value as the restaurant "2 sticks" which is located in the District of el Raval.

                                                        Can Cortada Restaurant

But if you really want to eat in a typical catalan restaurant where to enjoy its gastronomy and eating dishes that will make you suck you fingers, must not to miss the opportunity to go to the restaurant Can Cortada. Located in the high part of the city, it is located in an old farmhouse of the Catalan bourgeoisie. Your kitchen is recognized in many books and to be able to taste their dishes you must reserve a table in advance. It's a very popular restaurant and although if you call will surely find site, you must call to not find a surprise.

Although you can always find solutions to everything. Let us imagine that we are in our apartment and we want to rest without having to go to a restaurant after a long day at the beach... but we are cooking... There is a possibility to order food at home in Barcelona in several restaurants, from Chinese restaurants, Japanese, Lebanese, pizza... And when we say restaurants on-site, we talk about restaurants an undisputed minimum quality and not any. Some of which you can find are Hello Sushi, El Racó, Pizza Smilo, Grand Paris, L'anxoveta...

Enjoy the cuisine of Barcelona certainly is much easier than it seems. And eat well at a good price is not impossible.

If you have access to the Internet, you will find different offers or coupons pages such as Lets Bonus or Groupon where to find deals from different restaurants in the city where to eat at one reasonable price. But if you really want to find good bargains and offers up to 50% or even 60%, I recommend you visit websites such as subtract it or catch it that discounts offered daily from different restaurants in Barcelona.