Holiday below zero

When we think of vacations, rest, disconnect, the good time and the sun always seem to be present. But today we are going to turn around this concept.

They are not the usual tourist destinations for our vacation, we agree, but who says that you can not travel to them because cold?

Times have changed and the globalization we approached the corners more unknown and unique in the world. In this way, the intrigue of new sites is becoming fashionable travel to places below zero. Today, the Travel Blog eDreams teaches you some of them.

One of the largest and most impressive glaciers of Patagonia Argentina. This huge mass of ice attracts thousands of tourists each year who enjoy the spectacular detachment of huge ice blocks, especially in the summer season.

In this majestic scenario the mixture of white to different shades of blue create an unforgettable image for the senses. What you can't miss!

They say that one of the mountain destinations is more attractive in the world. Ideal for lovers of sports of snow, kayaking and fishing. The incredible northern lights and the midnight sun will leave you boquiabiert @.

It is advisable to travel in summer as in winter is one of the places the planet's coldest reaching minimum of - 50ºc. It is one thing to pass cold and another die frozen...

The tourism on this island is no longer exclusive of the upper classes as it was the case a few years ago. Every day is closer to all pockets. You can enjoy the best frozen landscapes and plenty of winter activities. Noteworthy are its impressive volcanoes, geysers, and icebergs, difficult to find in other countries.

It is the point more to the North of the European continent and a major tourist destination in recent years. It is a large plateau hit by sources polar winds. In winter, snow covers almost the entire area.

One of the great attractions is to see the midnight sun. From May to June the sun always stays above the horizon, just changing its height. Without a doubt, a spectacular phenomenon that must be seen at least once in the lifetime.

Have you already chosen? Whatever, sure that it worth... That if, do not forget that your suitcase is big enough to get very warm clothing...