Greece, was a mighty empire in antiquity, especially under the reign of Alexander the Great. Their culture had a great influence even in Roman culture. Today, there are only vestiges of that power. However, traveling to Greece and particularly its capital Athens, we relive history before our eyes.

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. During the classical period, was a powerful city state had an important role in the development of democracy. He was also a cultural center where they lived many artists, writers and philosophers known even today.

Today, Athens is as it was once the most populous city in Greece. Athens contains a variety of archaeological remains of utmost importance, the most famous being the Parthenon on the Acropolis. In addition, the city is also conserved monuments of Roman and Byzantine.

The Acropolis

The Acropolis or "high city", is the most important and best known of all Greece. The entrance to the Acropolis is made by a great gate called the Propylaea. At the front and right side is the Temple of Athena Nike, in the center, was formerly a statue of the goddess Athena. On the hillside south of the Acropolis find the ruins of other buildings as an outdoor theater called Theatre of Dionysus, where he premiered his works Sophocles, Aristophanes and Aeschylus.

The Parthenon
The Parthenon or Temple of Athena Parthenos is undoubtedly the main building of the Acropolis, on the other hand, we can think of the most beautiful of Greek architecture.

Its construction lasted 45 years, from 477 to 432 BC is a major Doric temples that are preserved. Its construction was begun Pericles as a way of thanking their gods his great victory against the Persians.

The Erechtheion
The Erechtheion is an Ionic temple built on the site considered most sacred of the Acropolis, where according to Greek belief, the goddess Athena became the first olive tree blossom of Greek lands.

The most striking area of the Erechtheion is the cover of the south gallery, supported by the Caryatids, which are six columns feminine form.

Only able to visit these wonderful and incredible ruins, justify any trip to Athens. Without doubt, will open before our eyes the whole history of the city, something that will take us to the days of its former glory.