Notre Dame: The Cathedral Magic

Notre Dame in Paris. The Cathedral Magic
Paris, contains countless places to visit if you travel to the French capital. In this case, tell you of the incredible French cathedral of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is one of the oldest cathedrals in France. It belongs to the Gothic style and was begun in 1163 as an offering to the mother of the Son of God, Mary. In building it, it took 182 years since it was completed in 1345.

The cathedral was built in a time when the aspirations of society at that time were fairly high. The society of those days, began to see the rise of the wealthy bourgeoisie and the growing power and influence of urban clergy. At the same time, the city was in a process of unstoppable rise in the political field.

At the end of the XVII century, the cathedral was renovated to match the artistic style of the time, the Baroque. In the cathedral, have been crowned kings and celebrities like Napoleon Bonaparte, who in an act of superiority, he placed the crown. There is also the famous beatified Joan of Arc.

But the most singular of the cathedral is its composition. Gargoyles, chimeras and images of strange and mysterious ways interpretation is manifested in it so that the cathedral of Notre Dame, looks like a magical place that a Christian cathedral.

In fact, on either side of the grand portico occur two series of 12 medallions and 12 figures representing dferentes elements and phases of the alchemical operation. Best known is the place where the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, it can be seen in the corner of the north tower and surrounded by chimeras, the powerful relief of a good old man who looks like an alchemist.

Mystery and magic. If you came to Notre Dame in France, you'll see it really well.

Photo: Wikipedia