Travel to Thailand. If you get bored there, it's because you want

Thailand, formerly known as Siam, meaning "Land of the Thai". The Thai were the largest ethnic group in the country and won their freedom from China more than two millennia. (Thai means "free").

The country is located in Southeast Asia. Generally, temperatures are high, especially in March, April and May, months when the heat becomes very annoying. Thailand has great jungles and wetlands, beaches and incredibly beautiful.

In Thailand you can do jungle trekking, climbing, elephant, bamboo rafting in the river, snorkeling and scuba diving, shopping, going to the best parties, swim in dream beaches and more than you can imagine.

The Capital: Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. Famous and known worldwide as one of the most popular destinations in the world. Bangkok offers a wild and exotic atmosphere at once, large buildings, shopping malls where as one wishes and with the advantage that it is usually quite cheap not only buy, but also eat or stay in it.

In Bangkok we recommend you visit the floating markets of the Chao Praya River. From 8 in the morning and a few hours, you can buy fruit, vegetables or other products in markets in small boats.

Bangkok is also known for its palaces, historical buildings and ahhs. Among them is the Great Hall which is the most famous building in the whole kingdom. This is where lamayoría of Thais will pay homage to Buddha and the king.

Many local rather look like a brothel than a place of entertainment. We must not forget that Thailand is known for its sex tourism.

Enjoy a walk through the jungle ... if you can.

Trekking is an interesting way to learn about the country's native tribes. This is for a journey through the mountains and the jungle, on foot or on elephant. Although you will enjoy breathtaking scenery for hours, we assure you that this will be more of an adventure than a walk. It is even possible that if you are not proactive starve because they do not eat until you get to the next town on the route and that can take a few hours.

If you prefer to see others suffer instead of yourself, then the Muay Thai will be your best choice. Muay Thai is the national sport. One way to combat valetudo.En quite similar to Ko Phi Phi Lee, where are all the pubs, restaurants and hotels, there is a pub-disco at night where you can see live fights, and if you are motivated and are willing to prove it, you can fight another opponent.

Enjoy the party in Thailand like never before

Who does not know or has heard of Ko Pha Ngnan, the island where we celebrate the Full Moon Party (the party of the full moon)?. It must. On the other hand, there can do whatever you want, eat in good restaurants, take a stroll around the island and swim in the amazing beaches you'll find there.

The full moon party is held each month at Haad Rin Beach. The party can last days without stopping. The beach was full of people from all over the world enjoy this event. Typically they are like drinking backets beach sand pails filled with two cans of soda and a whole bottle of liquor, vodka, whiskey, etc. It's a bit expensive, about 20 € but is that not a cubata, is a whole bottle!.

So if you travel to Thailand, you will not get bored that's for sure.