Journey to Jerusalem, the House of Peace

Jerusalem, the holy city known to many religions, means "House of Peace". It is the capital of Israel and the largest and most populous city of the state of Israel. The Old City of Jerusalem, the oldest, was named a World Heritage Site in 1981 by UNESCO.

Every year thousands of people travel to "Holy Land" for first person in a kind of pilgrimage places that the Bible mentions especially associated with the life of Jesus Christ. Although we can imagine by the bad news coming out of the area, the city is quite safe for tourists now.

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. Destroyed and rebuilt several times again, Jerusalem seems an eternal city. Formerly, he was the center of the Judeo-Christian religion, until the Romans under General Titus, son of Emperor Vespasian, destroyed it in 70 CE, and plundered their temple, taking inside any object of value. Undoubtedly, the Jerusalem now has nothing to do with the past Jerusalem, supported by strong beliefs in One God who was worshiped exclusively.

Sightseeing in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a very small town, making it possible to visit the city in a few days. The Old Town, mentioned above, is one of the places to visit on a mandatory basis. Although it is the place of location of sacred sites causing discord between different religions coexisting in it, there are numerous places to enjoy your visit.

The Western Wall is the largest Jewish religious center of Jerusalem, where the Israeli people gather to celebrate the "Sabbath" (Saturday Sabbath) and holidays. The Wall is to the Jews the wall of excellence, while Christians mistakenly call it the Wailing Wall.

Outside the walls of the holy city and east of it, find the famosoMonte of Olives. Opposite, we can see the old cemetery and the widow. The mountain is full of churches, chapels and cemeteries pregnant instead of olive.

Other places to visit are undoubtedly the Holy Sepulchre and the Stone of Unction, Church of Gethsemane and the Tomb of the famous King David of Israel. Certainly, Jerusalem and Israel offer plenty of places to see and experience amazing sensations that will make us remember all the stories described in the Bible as if we were in the days when that happened.

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