Quick Guide to Rome

In all the time that the blog has been live, we have given has that we have written almost nothing of the Italian capital, and is a city that deserves not one, but many articles. To make a list of all the tourist attractions in Rome, would need more than one post, but here we are going to leave a summary of places essential if you are going on a journey fast of a weekend.

Without a doubt our no. 1 would be the Roman Colosseum, the great symbol of Italy. Enter will cost about 11 euros and the visit worth since you say that you've been in one of the new 7 Wonders of the world!

The Vatican also deserves a view, whether you're Catholic or not. Don't miss the Basilica and St. Peter's square, or the Necropolis (where his tomb is located). You can also visit their museums. They say that if someone you stop to look at each object in the Vatican for 1 minute... would take 12 years to go!

The Castle of San Angelo, on the banks of the Tiber is located near the Vatican. Inside the National Museum is located, and the entry will cost about € 6.

Fourthly we name the Pantheon, the famous circular temple dedicated to the gods of the Roman Olympus. The best of the Pantheon is that its entry is free!

Not us we lose the Circus Maximus, Palatine and Roman Forum. This last, also free admission, kept many ruins and buildings of ancient Rome. The Palatine Hill separates the Roman Forum Circus Maximus, and is a Museum in the open air. The Circus Maximus, as its name indicates, gives us an idea of how circuses were in those days. Admission is also free.

And forget the famous Fontana di Trevi, the most famous source of Italy so many times filmed in movies. It is an authentic piece of Baroque art and they say that if you toss a coin on his back, over his left shoulder with your right hand, it means that one day you will return to the city. If you hit, of course!

Don't forget to visit the two most famous squares in Rome, Spain and Piazza Navona square. The first is best known for its beautiful staircase and one of the most famous works of Bernini, the Barcaccia laFOntana. Piazza NAvona is a Museum, outdoor, by the amount of works of art which houses.

We finally naming the Catacombs of St. Callixtus, whose tickets cost €8 and are open Thursday to Tuesday from 9 h to 12 h and from 14 h to 17 h. Closed on Wednesdays and during the month of February. The catacombs are part of the route of the Via Appia Antica, built in 312 BC and the first and most important road of Rome.

Although Rome has much more to do that only this, would not give time to see it all in a single weekend, for which this selection of sites and tourist attractions will serve to get an idea on what to see in a short time. Enjoy!