Compagnie Du Ponant and its famous luxury cruises

There are companies that are dedicated to luxury cruises with the purpose of satisfying the tastes of those demanding cruise passengers, who expect quality service and a very unique character. One of them is Compagnie Du Ponant , which has three boats: L´Austral (in the photo, 264 passengers), Le Boreal (224 passengers), Le Diamant (226 passengers), Le Levant (94 passengers) and Le Ponant (64 passengers).

Is company provides the best and most exquisite cruise, you're living a cruise of your dreams, are definitely on the right track, and is that you can enjoy unparalleled in beauty, art, gastronomy, etc, at the same time you will enjoy aboard boats yacht type, in which the quality of the service, intimacy and comfort reach extreme levels, finally a myriad of things that are colluding to make you live magical moments.

In general, this company has as destinations to different cities in Europe, being the French city of nice, where you arrive and from where it set sail most of these cruises. This city is part of the French Riviera and this is the most important tourist area of France, which welcomes tourists with a high purchasing power during all the years.

Its beaches are one of the busiest in Europe, something in which are restaurants and nightclubs. However, Nice is the second city in terms of amount of museums, Paris is the Museum of fine arts Jules Chéret, Museum biblical Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso Museum, the Museum of modern art in Nice, the Museum of Asian art in Nice, among others.

Nice beaches stretch around the Bay between Rauba Capua and the airport, on the other side of the promenade des Anglais, the vast majority are private since they are part of the service provided by the hotels in this city, although it is allowed to pass through the entire Bay provided it stays glued to the edgethe water is very clean and transparent, although there is a problem with these beaches and is non-beaches of sand, but small pebbles which are usually annoying to walk barefoot.

Nice is a city near Montecarlo (famous for its numerous casinos) and Cannes, which makes the popular Cannes film festival that year after year attracts famous artists of Hollywood.