Ten cheap restaurants to eat in London

Jump the barrier of money and prices prohibitive is the dream of every traveler, especially when the destination is a city like London. How to travel to one of the most interesting capitals of the world and not ruined in the attempt, no fear of the dreaded pound and kick the economic crisis. We present 10 proposals (see map with its location) to eat well in the British capital for less than 8 pounds (10 euros).

Java Tree Café (King's Cross)

In the center of London is hard to find places as welcoming as the Java Tree Café (100-102 Judd Street, 0044 20 8617 7835). The cook is Spanish and the waiters, a nice mixture of English, Italian and Portuguese. Perfect for sitting in his small, elegant dining room and enjoy the fresh pastas and other dishes, or to provide us with some of the fast food such as pizza or sandwiches and eating out the hectic streets of London. If we want to travel to Italy without leaving Euston, nothing better to prove your latte.

Beatroot Coffee (Soho)

The Beatroot Cafe (92 Berwick Street, 0044 20 7437 8591) is a local vegetarian food in the bustling Soho. Juices and Mediterranean cuisine to detoxify the body of the excesses of the night before. It is also a must for vegans.

Noodle King (Bethnal Green)
Many Londoners, particularly workers in the area, use it as take-away, but also tables (not very comfortable, frankly) to eat inside when the weather is not. Huge portions at prices that seem to speak in Spanish. Of course, not for gourmets or plaintive stomachs. Noodle King (185 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, 0044 20 7613 3131).

Azka (Bethnal Green)
Azka (267 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, 0044 20 3556 3497) is a restaurant with delicious Turkish cuisine at reasonable prices. Open daily until 23:00, so it's perfect as a last resort when, like good Spanish, we remember the last time still to be dinner.

Olives and Figs (Whitechapel)
Olives and Figs (14 Artillery Lane, Whitechapel, 0044 20 7247 8680) is very close to the metro station Liverpool Street. Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine is not only cheap and quality, but also enjoys a cozy and elegant with wooden floors and rustic decor that give a simple and organic.

Comptoir Libanais (Marylebone)

Enter the Comptoir (65 Wigmore St, (0044) 20 7935 1110) is like stepping into a cartoon decorated. Their bright colors and the curious arrangement of the tables and lavish meals joy and freshness. They also have a section where you can buy products imported from various countries of the Middle East.

Sagar (Covent Garden)

Southwest cuisine Indian specialties, like many of his style, vegetarian. In Sagar (31 Catherine Street, 0044 20 7836 6377) can be found generous dishes at prices even more generous, is popular with young people, students and workers in the area.

Mamuska! (Elephant & Castle)

The Mamuska! (Unit 233, Shopping Centre, Elephant & Castle, 0044 20 3602 1898) is listed as "Coffee", but his Polish dishes are famous among the residents of Elephant & Castle because delight the pocket while fill the stomach. Highly recommended if you are in a good mood and want to hook up with the waiters and one to tell you a little about Polish cuisine.

Kitfo House (Kennington)

It is very common in London and other British cities and towns that offer Thai food pubs along the fish & chips, burgers and fries and foot. The Kitfo House (49 South Lambeth Road, 0044 20 7735 8915) is not a pub, but offers the same combination and, as evening falls, opens her kitchen full of spicy flavors Eritrea.

Café East (Surrey Quays)

Let us not be fooled by the name, Cafe East (100 Redriff Road, Surrey Quays Leisure Park, 0044 20 7252 1212) is not really a cafe. It is rather a typical Vietnamese restaurant that offers what you expect from any East-Asian cuisine (rolls, rice, noodles, etc..). The austerity of decoration is more faithful reflection of frugality in menu prices.