A walk along the Bosphorus, another must see in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is one of those great cities like Paris or Rome you do not end up in two days. One of the views or what the "to do in Istanbul" is the Bosphorus. The channel of the Bosphorus or Istanbul Bohgazi separates the continents of Asia and Europe and connects the Black Sea with the Sea of ​​Manara. Separate besides the huge city of Istanbul city.

The best way is to hike the ferry. Eminönü leave the spring 4 and made ​​an excursion to near the beginning of the Black Sea. Europe navigate round the opposite shore around Asia. You can get off at any stop, visit this part of the city and moving to the next. Another option is to take one of the tourist boats that come near the Galata Bridge, which will allow us to see the palaces and monuments on the banks of the Bosphorus.

A tip from our travel blog: to hire the tourist boat do it directly on the boat, the same boat because it can cost twice as expensive if purchased through resellers who are waiting for tourists. And what is worse, you will board a bus to a boat that is less than 100 meters from where you buy the tickets. So locate the vessel to be brought out and ask the price directly there. In the picture you can see the sunset over the city in the back of our walk along the Bosphorus.